Secure ShellFish

Powerful SSH terminal with next level iOS integration

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iPad playing video of Secure Shell in action.

Native Terminal

Using iOS components instead of web technologies you get better accessibility, performance and text selection.

Free to try

Secure ShellFish is a pro app with a limited free feature-set. Unlock pro features once or subscribe monthly.

Filename aware

Terminal output is scanned for filenames that you can preview, drag to or share with other apps as actual files.

Multi Touch input

Dragging your cursor is mapped to arrow keys and tapping terminal sends mouse clicks to supporting servers.

Private Configuration Sync

Server configurations are synced between your devices if you have iCloud Keychain enabled.

Shortcuts automation

Perform file operations inside iOS shortcuts for automatic deployment, photo backup or whatever you can dream up.

Files app compatibility

Server directories appear in the Files app. Modern iOS apps can open files and directories in-place.

Offline usage

Mark directories for offline use to ensure important files are always available. This requires the pro unlock.

Two factor authentication

Terminal connections support one-time passwords with YubiKey and time-based authenticators.